Parish Ministries

Most Ministries Are Suspended Due To Covid-19

Our Lay Ministries

Have assumed past leadership and responsibility of the Pastor. The congregation participated in Mass each week but generally had no active role in the daily operations of the parish. Nowadays, the numerous responsibilities that come with maintaining a parish are far too great for one person to handle on their own. Yet, with the growing shortage of clergy, it is more and more common for a single priest to be burdened with this task and responsibility. As is the case in any parish, especially one as large as our own, we the parishioners must all work together in order to ensure the continued successful operation of our parish. This success results in our continued ability to serve the needs of not only the members of our own congregation but those of our local community and those in need of our prayers or other means of assistance throughout the world.

In a family, responsibilities are shared by all of its members in order to benefit the family as a whole. Here at Mary, Mother of Our Savior Parish, we strive to be a true parish family and thus share the many responsibilities that come with maintaining and operating a parish today. By doing so, we each take strides toward fulfilling our own individual spiritual calling, while at the same time lessening the burden placed on our clergy – allowing them to place a stronger focus on their liturgical role of leading us in faith. As a parishioner here, you have the opportunity to assume an active role in our parish, through participation in any of the numerous lay ministries that are available to us. Participation in one of these ministries can also be very personally and spiritually rewarding to you as an individual.

Available Ministries:

Over the years, we have developed numerous lay ministries, which allow our parishioners to take an active role in the work of our parish. There are so many in fact, that we have developed a parish ministries booklet dedicated solely to providing an explanation of each of our available ministries. Because there are as many ministries as there are, we encourage you to investigate the many possibilities by contacting our parish office and requesting a copy of this booklet.

Although we encourage you to pick up a copy of the ministries booklet so that you may explore all of the ministerial possibilities available to you, we’ve outlined some of the most common ministries below. Some ministries listed below include specific contact information. For all others, please contact the parish office at (315)724-3155 for additional information. If you see a ministry listed here that you think you may be interested in, please contact us to find out more about that ministry. If not, don’t be discouraged! Just pick up and read through our ministries booklet, find a ministry that appeals to you, pray over your decision and get back to us when you’re ready to join us. Thank you for your interest and participation in our ministries programs!

Outreach Ministries:

Hospital Visitation 

 Volunteers visit parishioners who are patients at one of our local hospitals. The one requirement for this ministry Is the ability to reflect, to the suffering, the compassionate Face of Christ. This requires good listening skills and gentle words.

Nursing Homes & Homebound Visitation 

In this ministry, our Visitors and Eucharistic Ministers reach out to our parishioners who are unable to attend Mass, both the Homebound and Nursing Homes. The Visitor is a regular or an extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Visits to a homebound individual or a nursing home resident are made once or twice a month, as arranged between the visitor and the person being visited. Their visit includes a ten to fifteen minute period of prayer and Holy Communion. A friendly conversation may be included in the visit, prior to the prayer period. Confidentiality is a vital aspect of this ministry. Before beginning this ministry, the future visitor must interview with the contact person and his assistant.

Bereavement Ministry 

Our mission is to embrace our grieving parish families through faithful service with love and compassion. We commit ourselves to do so by: Assisting families to plan the Liturgy, extending hospitality by greeting and communicating with the bereaved, offering support to the dying and their families and remembering our deceased throughout the year at the Annual Memorial Mass/Service. Personal attributes required are a commitment to group objectives, previous knowledge and/or interpersonal experiences with grieving and empathy for the bereaving.

Monthly Food Collection 

Working through the Thea Bowman House, our primary mission is to care for families and children in need. We provide non-perishable emergency food items food baskets, collect and distribute Christmas gifts and many other vital services.

Christmas Star Assistance Program 

The Christmas Assistance Program helps supplement the Christmas of nearly 100 families in our community by providing toys for children 16 and under and food for the family.

Outreach Ministries

Please contact the parish office for more information


This ministry seeks to incorporate faithful members of the laity into the liturgical celebration. Lectors proclaim God’s Word to the congregation and as such, play a vital role in the Mass. No special qualifications are necessary to be a lector, just reverence for the Word and some preparation before Mass.

Eucharistic Ministers

Perhaps no other ministry for lay Catholics is more meaningful for the participant or rewarding for the recipient than that of receiving the Eucharist. To become a Eucharistic Minister one has to be a practicing Catholic who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Training sessions are held at various times throughout the year.

Men’s Club

Our Men’s Club supports the parish by conducting or assisting with parish fundraisers, projects and other ministries as needed. Please check out our recent bulletin insert, highlighting some of this year’s activities by Clicking Here! (click to link). For additional information, or if you’d like to join, please contact our parish office.

Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry is open to all of our young adults in grades 6-10. We have an entirely separate website dedicated solely to this youth ministry.

If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact our parish office at (315)724-3155.

Music Ministry

Randy Davis is our Music Director and the leader of our Music Ministry. For additional information, or if you have any specific questions, please contact Randy at (315)724-3155.