Our Campus Facilities

Obviously, the most notable building on our campus is the church itself. However, it’s not the only building. The rectory, which is the residence for our pastor and associate pastor and also contains some office space, is attached to the rear of the church. Across the main parking lot and behind the rectory, you’ll find The Seton Center. This building is where all of our parish administrative offices are, as well as multiple meeting rooms. The Seton Center is equipped with full kitchen facilities, which is why the adjacent ‘DePaul’ room has become our primary meeting and gathering space. This space is used by several groups for regular meetings and also hosts multiple social gatherings throughout the year. Having previously been a convent which housed many of our local ‘Daughters of Charity’, this building also had its own chapel, which still exists and is used regularly for Eucharistic Adoration.

Our campus is also home to two additional entities, which are not technically part of our parish. However, we do support both of these organizations and their missions and embrace both as part of our parish family just the same. Across Barton Ave. from us, you will find Notre Dame Elementary School. . The school was directly affiliated with and bore the same name as our parish until the 2010 school year, when it began operating as Notre Dame Elementary School after absorbing students from St. Mary’s School in Clinton and St. Peter’s School in Utica as part of a consolidation effort mandated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse. In spite of the new name, we still share a collaborative relationship with Notre Dame Elementary and work together on and participate in multiple functions and activities with them throughout the school year. During the summer months, the school building is home to our own ‘Lourdes Summer Fun’ youth day camp program. Also, the entire second floor of the Seton Center houses ‘Evelyn’s House for Young Mothers and Babies’. Conceived by one of our own parishioners, Evelyn’s House is a residential program that provides a safe, nurturing home and supportive services for young women up to age 21 who have become homeless during pregnancy or after having a baby.

** Please Note – In order to serve you better, our Church is equipped with a hearing assistance system. If you need to take advantage of this service, please go to the sacristy before Mass and Father will assist you.

** Please Note – We also have a ‘crying room’ (Child Church) located in the working sacristy area behind the altar. This space is available for your use during all functions held within the church. It is equipped with a closed circuit feed of the altar so you don’t even need to miss any part of the service. If you would like to utilize this area, simply access the room through the vestibule of the rear entrance (adjacent to the rear church parking lot) whenever you need to.